The poker pro, mildew, and a $6m lawsuit

The poker pro, mildew, and a $6m lawsuit

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Poker pro Vadim Trincher is claiming $6m in damages according to papers filed in a Manhattan court last week. And the cause of this massive claim … mildew.

The former WPT Foxwoods winner and his wife claim that their $5m Trump Tower apartment was damaged by mildew caused by renovations carried out in the apartment above theirs. An apartment that was once owned by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (they sold up in 2000).

The mould allegedly ruined bespoke, silk covered wall coverings valued at $5m as well as a silk carpet worth $150,000. Mrs Trincher also claims that the mould caused a respiratory infection. The lawsuit has been filed against the condominium association and contractor Hunter Roberts Construction.

The New York Daily News has more.

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