The PPA Pokes Fun at Politicians

The PPA Pokes Fun at Politicians

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) took a shot at some of America's leading politicians recently with a hit list of names it's called "The Jokers."

With US elections on the horizon (November 4), the PPA decided to stir up the issue of online gambling regulation by calling out 22 political figures who've previously opposed the industry. Publically posting their names and urging players to lobby them before the November 4 deadline, the PPA hopes the latest campaign will help sway more influential figures towards our side of the fence.

"Over the past year, these 'jokers' have advocated for federal and/or state prohibitions for Internet poker. Some have even sought to criminalize those who play!" read a statement on the PPA's website.

One thing that is notable about the PPA's latest campaign is its decision to put a negative slant on things. The latest trend in the anti-online gaming community seems to be focused on poking fun at the industry and, for whatever reason, this tactic seems to be striking a chord with many members of the voting public, so the PPA has decided to follow suit.

Whether this works or not remains to be seen, but it will certainly be interesting to see if any of the listed names decides to make a political u-turn and support US igaming regulation following this latest effort.

The Jokers:

• Sen. Lindsey Graham® SC
• Rep. Jason Chaffetz® House 3rd District, UT
• Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott® Candidate for Governor, TX
• Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) House 5th District, MO
• Martha Coakley (D) Candidate for Governor, MA
• Rep. Charles Dent® House 15th District, PA
• Rep. Randy Forbes® House 4th District, VA
• Rep. Trent Franks® House 8th District, AZ
• Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D) House 2nd District, HI
• Rep. Louie Gohmert® House 1st District, TX
• Rep. Trey Gowdy® House 4th District, SC
• Gov. Nikki Haley® SC
• Rep. George Holding® House 13th District, NC
• Rep. Jim Jordan® House 4th District, OH
• Rep. Steve King® House 5th District, IA
• Rep. James Lankford® House 5th District, OK
• Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D) House 3rd District, IL
• Rep. Cedric Richmond (D) House 2nd District, IA
• Rep. Mike Rogers® House 8th District, MI
• State Rep. Mario Scavello® State House, PA
• Gov. Rick Scott® FL
• Rep. Lamar Smith® House 21st District, TX

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