The Micros episode 3 released

The Micros episode 3 released

Monday, 28 February 2011

The latest episode in the hilarious animated series The Micros from Jay “pr1nnyraid”/“KRANTZ” Rosenkrantz and John “JimmyLegs” Wray as well as several other collaborators is out now. It follows three microstakes grinders – the nit, the protagonist and the crazy Isildur1-esque player – after they win the fictional Mega Million tournament to get $333,333 apiece.

In the last episode, “BALLS” managed to lose over $600,000 of that money which forced her friends to send her to tilt rehab. Now they’re in Australia to try their luck at the Aussie Millions, but busting the first hand continues their dire luck.

What’s funnier in this? Is it European high stakes pro Maximillian Rofls, author of Let There Be Triple Range Merge; a $6,000 book with 8 pages? There are dozens of inside poker jokes in every scene so watching it again and again comes highly recommended.

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