The International Poker Rules website launched

The International Poker Rules website launched

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

One of the frustrations of tournament poker is when you do something in one cardroom and it's perfectly fine but do it in another and you find yourself at the wrong end of a dispute with the tournament director. A rule in one event may apply but in another it may not.

Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau of the Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA) have created what they hope to be the definitive set of poker rulings for tournaments and their International Poker Rules website is now available for all to see.

Lau states “In wake of the recent Black Friday developments in the United States, concerning the ban of online poker, we felt that it was critical to launch the FIDPA website at this time. We believe that poker players and the industry will be well served by a standardized set of written rules. The IP Rules will help bridge the gap, as players make the transition from online to live tournaments, here in the US and when travelling around the world."

Luske added, “The new FIDPA website and The IP Rules will ultimately have a worldwide impact on the poker world. Poker has become an international sport and it’s time that the industry comes together to operate like it. It is ridiculous that all around the world, we play poker by an unwritten set of rules, not knowing what to expect. Our goal from the beginning was not to dictate how a Tournament Director or card room operates, but rather create a set of player friendly rules and to point out those in the industry that are willing to run fair and friendly poker. As poker players, we need to ask the industry to disclose what those rules are and we need to have a base set of rules so we can easily take notice of their changes. We believe the new site provides the best way for players learn the rules and to help the game of poker to continue to grow.”

The complete list of 81 technical rules, policies and procedures can be found at

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