The Hendon Mob no longer Full Tilt Pros nor advertisers

The Hendon Mob no longer Full Tilt Pros nor advertisers

Monday, 19 September 2011

Yesterday evening The Hendon Mob announced that there would be changes to their website – no longer would Full Tilt Poker’s banners be emblazoned on every page as the quartet of London pros announced that they would no longer be representing or be represented by Full Tilt.

“Like everyone else in poker we are saddened by the problems that continue to beset Full Tilt Poker,” they wrote in a press release. “We were the first European players to sign with FTP and the site has been a major affiliate. For the sakes... of Full Tilt staff, Red Pros, the growing Hendon Mob community and the wider poker community, we would be delighted to see positive developments in the weeks and months ahead.

“We are aware that a great deal of players still have money on FTP. In any scenario where Full Tilt Poker resumes trading, we will continue to look out for the interests of our players. We have chosen, as well as ceasing to be Full Tilt Pros, to end’s exclusive relationship with Full Tilt Poker.”

As of today, Full Tilt’s adverts have been replaced with WSOPE advertisements and the Hendon Mob state that “we look forward to an exciting future that we hope you will all be a part of.”

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