The Great Bluff Spin-Up

The Great Bluff Spin-Up

Monday, 6 January 2014

Bluff readers, fancy winning a €1000 tournament package for just 2 measly euros? Fancy being whisked away to Dublin for the opportunity to win a big score, for what, according to the currency exchange at the time of writing, is a paltry £1.68823? Yes, you heard correctly, that’s £1.68823! Have we piqued your interest? Have we? Have we? Good. Now pay attention.

We challenge you to turn €2 into a fat pile of cash through The Great Bluff Europe Spin-up, exclusive to readers of Bluff Europe, which could see you playing at this year’s Winamax Poker Open in Dublin for a miniscule outlay. Every Monday at 8pm until March 24th we’ll be holding a €2 qualifier at Winamax Poker, each one offering two tickets into a 24-player online Grand Final. Win that and you’ll be on your way to Dublin representing “Team Bluff” for a shot at the big prize.

The €550 buy-in Winamax Poker Open is the biggest short-handed (6-max) deep-stack tournament in Europe. 2014 will be its fifth year and the festival expects over 700 runners, with a host of side events, 24-hour cash-games, video games and crazy Guinness-fuelled parties. Last year’s Main Event was won by French player Jerome Guermeur who took home €75,000 for his efforts. You could be that guy! You could be Jerome! What are the hell you waiting for?

How to Qualify:
Log on to and sign up to register for the chance to win a £1k package.

Tournament Name: Bluff in Dublin!
Date: Every Monday, from January 6th to March 24th
Hour: 20:00GMT (21:00CET)
Buy-in: €2

Prize pool for each qualifier:
1st: €50 ticket + Grand Final entry ticket
2nd: €20 ticket + Grand Final entry ticket
3rd: €10 ticket
4th to 6th: €5 ticket
7th to 9th: €2 ticket

Password: Dublin4Bluff
Lobby section: Tournaments - Communities
Minimum number of players: 10

Grand Final: Tournament Name: Bluff in Dublin Grand Final!
Date: March 31st
Hour: 20:00GMT (21:00CET)
Buy-in: Freeroll, restricted to the 24 qualified players

Prize pool:
1st: Package for the Winamax Poker Open Dublin
(buy-in €550 + €450 for the travel costs)
2nd: Two €100 tickets
3rd: €100 ticket
4th to 6th: €50 ticket
7th to 9th: €20 ticket
10th to 16th: €10 ticket
16th to 24th: €5 ticket

Lobby section: Tournaments - Communities

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