The Godfather of Online Poker photoshop series continues

The Godfather of Online Poker photoshop series continues

Thursday, 2 December 2010

We are totally remiss in not bringing this amazing piece of artistry to your attention before now but we don’t tend to discuss Two Plus Two forum static unless it’s big poker news. For this, though, we’ll make an exception.

Two Plus Two user Eponymous is well-known for his wit and cunning use of Photoshop in order to make poker- or poker-industry-related jokes. To mark his 1,000th post on the Two Plus Two forums he created a picture series entitled “It’s a Wondurrrrful Life” involving Tom “durrrr” Dwan being given a renewed perspective on life by his guardian angel, Jimmy Fricke.

Now he has reached 2,000 posts and has surpassed himself with The Godfather of Online Poker. Don Howard Lederer and his sons, Gus Hansen; Tom Dwan and Patrik “Michael” Antonius struggle to keep their family intact while running a mafia crime family. You can find the thread here – essentially every single panel features a poker joke.

If you have any passing interest or background knowledge of poker then this is a good way to waste some time.

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