The Bad Beat Jackpot hits not once but twice on Sunday

The Bad Beat Jackpot hits not once but twice on Sunday

Thursday, 12 March 2009’s Bad Beat Jackpot hit twice last Sunday giving a combined payout of over $675K.

The big winner was Norwegian FriendlyFrog who picked up $276,268.29 after seeing his quad Jacks beaten by Germany’s Rolf 56111’s quad Aces. The German collected $138,134.14 with two other players at the 10c/25c table winning almost $69,067.07 just for being in the hand.

Commenting on his lucky break FriendlyFrog said “Normally a pot of $30 is considered a fairly large pot in my games. To win more than $276,000 is something I have not even dreamt about (well maybe I have since I play the jackpot tables…)

On the hand I flopped 4 of a kind Js (J 10 J on flop), and checked the flop. The other player in the hand also checked. An A came on turn, and we both checked again. Another A on the river, and my opponent made a small bet. I raised to get something from my hand, he re-raised, and I went all-in. I was surprised to see I actually lost the hand, and I did not actually think of the jackpot until I noticed the pop-up window. Wow, my heart nearly stopped”.

Just hours later the jackpot hit again. Sweden’s Dickson_AA collected $60,926.88 after his pocket 8s ran into bitterbittor’s KK on a 8-K-3-8-K board. Bitterbittor’s quads earned him $30,463.44. Four other players also picked up $7,615.86.

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