Texas Hold'em Poker the fastest growing brand on Facebook

Texas Hold'em Poker the fastest growing brand on Facebook

Saturday, 8 January 2011

What do the unlikely combination of Manchester United, The Black Eyed and Harry Potter have in common? It's nothing to do with wizards, wing or otherwise or people called Fergie. Surprisingly they have all been beaten to the top of the Facebook charts by Texas Hold'em poker and its Chinese equivalent.

The top two spots on Famecount's list of the top rising brands on Facebook go to Texas Hold'em Poker and the Chinese language Facebook version of the game. To put that into some kind of perspective the number of new poker fans on Facebook this week is three times that of Harry Potter and four times that of Manchester United. Other names in the fastest climbers top ten include footballer Kaka, singer Shakira, Shrek and Farmville.

Of course these Facebook poker players aren't playing for real money but if even a small number of them graduate to the real stuff they'll be replenishing the fishier parts of the poker waters.

You can of course get all the latest poker news on Bluff Europe's very own Facebook page.

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