Tekintamgac Jailed in Germany

Tekintamgac Jailed in Germany

Monday, 14 July 2014

Alleged poker cheat, Ali Tekintamgac, has just been convicted and sentenced to time in jail thanks to a German court.

The German grinder first came to prominence after the now infamous incident at the Partouche Poker Tour.

Taking place back in 2010, Tekintamgac allegedly used table-side bloggers to signal the strength of his opponent's hands. The ruse allowed him to make the final table of the PPT Main Event but he was disqualified before the final showdown.

Tekintamgac the resurfaced at the WPT Championship, much to the dismay of the world's best players, including Daniel Negreanu who called for the community to end the madness of allowing cheats to go unpunished:

"Ali Tekintamgac who was caught cheating in Partouche is in #WPTChamp I called him out, and floor told ME I can’t do that! When will we learn?"
Fortunately, as well as the poker community shunning the German player, it seems a judge in Augsburg has taken a dislike to Tekintamgac.

After being arrested on suspicion of fraud, Tekintamgac was eventually found guilty of five counts relating to a live poker cheating ring.

Following the verdict Tekintamgac will now spend three years and five months behind bars for trying to cheat his way to a fortune.

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