Team UK for IFP Nations Cup Announced

Team UK for IFP Nations Cup Announced

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The UK team for the forthcoming International Poker Federation's European Nations Cup in Cyprus has been announced and a very strong one it looks too.

Leading a very experienced looking line up is our own Neil Channing who will be joined by fellow tournament veterans Ben Roberts and Hendon Mobster Ross and Barny Boatman.

Rounding out the line up are Genting Poker's Daiva Barauskaite, the Hit Squad's Karl Mahrenholz and IveyPoker's John Eames.

The IFP's first event of 2013 takes place at the The Annabelle Hotel in Paphos, from 12th-15th April 2013, will feature some swanky new technology including individual smartphones with which players will receive their hole cards rather than via a dealer.

The tournament will feature 14 teams and will be staged using the Match Poker format. This variant deals the same hand to players positioned in the same seat across multiple tables, minimising luck and maximising the skill element of the game.

The top 6 countries will qualify for the IFP Nations Cup Final which takes place later this year.

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