TalkSport phone-in caller looks for sponsorship

TalkSport phone-in caller looks for sponsorship

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

If you were looking for a backer for your poker bankroll then surely fellow players, a well-crafted post on a message board or a phone call to Neil Channing would be the best bet. Not so for John Charles who decided to make his pitch on The Mike Graham Show on radio station Talk Sport.

Charles, who normally plays £25/£50 is looking for £20,000 to play with between 1st January and 31st December 2010 in the hope of playing at higher levels. He says that if he has turned a profit at the end of the year he will return the £20,000 along with 75% of the winnings. If he makes a loss then he will return whatever he has left.

The figures quoted certainly wouldn’t meet Chris Ferguson’s stringent bankroll requirements and a somewhat sceptical Bluff Europe will be keeping its money firmly in its pockets.

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