Tales of Poker’s Young Millionaires – Isaac Baron Loses $50,000 Car

Tales of Poker’s Young Millionaires – Isaac Baron Loses $50,000 Car

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

We all know how fantastic it is to reach into the pocket of an old jacket and find a pound coin. How about wandering around the block and finding a $50,000 car you’d forgotten about? It’s alright for some – welcome to the world of poker’s rich kids.

Isaac Baron, better known as westmenloAA on PokerStars, has live tournament winnings of over $1,000,000 as well as the same figure online and untold cash game profits. He is undoubtedly one of poker’s rising stars.

Following a $60,000 score after booking 40% of a friend’s action, Isaac decided to celebrate as every young man would – with the purchase of a 2007 Lexus IS 350 Sport. Nice.

So Isaac rides up in his new babe magnet to one of the many ballin’ parties these young poker gods attend. The next day he finds his keys, staggers outside, and then realises (and I quote): “Dude… where the f*ck did I park?”
After looking and asking around, Isaac loses hope and concludes the car is stolen. He reports it to the necessary authorities and that is the end of the matter… or so you think.

Five months later, Mr Baron received a call from his insurance company. Someone was concerned that a 2007 Lexus IS 350 Sport had been parked in the same sport for weeks on end. That’s right – Isaac was so drunk and rich he had literally lost a $50,000 sports car. Ah, what a life.

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