TY4Stacks2 wins PokerStars Sunday Million for $185,000

TY4Stacks2 wins PokerStars Sunday Million for $185,000

Monday, 8 August 2011

TY 4 stacks indeed – this Swedish player got all the stacks in the latest run of the PokerStars Sunday Million which saw 6,565 players register to compete for a prize pool of over $1.3m.

This meant that 990 players survived through to the money but only nine of them would make the final table.

The final nine saw seven nations represented including three players from the UK who were evidently enjoying their late night and almost certainly aren’t at work today.

A deal wasn’t negotiated until the final UK player, LeKnave, had fallen in third place for just over $100k. TY4Stacks2 was up against Dutch opponent KevinV and with just 14 big blinds separating their stacks, the two chopped the prize money almost evenly with $20,000 extra going to the winner.

It came down to a coinflip, as tournaments are wont to do – KevinV 3-bet all-in holding 3-3 and was called by A-7o. A flop of T-9-8 spelled disaster for the Dutchman and an ace on the turn left him drawing to two outs. Neither trey arrived on the river and KevinV had to settle for second place.

The full final table payouts were as follows:

1. TY4Stacks2 $185,384.15

2. KevinV $162,035.65

3. LeKnave $105,040

4. PDJ4ck $72,215

5. tony2pairsAK $55,146

6. untouchble10 $42,016

7. vasil1976197 $28,886

8. 26071985 $15,756

9. eljanich $10,175.75

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