Suspected EPT Berlin heist mastermind arrested

Suspected EPT Berlin heist mastermind arrested

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Police in Germany have made another arrest in connection with the raid on the European Poker Tour event in Berlin at the beginning of March.

The 31-year-old, who was identified only as Mohammed Abou-C, was arrested while driving in Berlin on Friday, a day after a warrant for his arrest was issued. He is suspected of being the mastermind behind the daring robbery at the Grand Hyatt Hotel which saw thieves make off with €242,000 in cash. Prosecutor Martin Steltner told news agency AFP that the suspect observed where the money was while playing in a poker tournament. He is then alleged to have given that information to the robbers.

Abou-C is the sixth person to be arrested in connection with the robbery. A 21-year-old German national provided details of three alleged co-conspirators in the week after the raid. Another man, who was suspected of driving the getaway car, was arrested shortly after.

Despite the arrests, police have still only recovered €4,000 of the missing cash.

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