Survey highlights importance of trustworthiness when choosing a poker site

Survey highlights importance of trustworthiness when choosing a poker site

Tuesday, 23 February 2010 polled 1,300 players on their current experience of online poker and their levels of expectation while playing online.

The survey revealed that 63% of respondents are not satisfied with their current online poker experience. 46% elect to play at a site that has a good reputation and 36% choose a site they can trust., the company behind the poll, uses a fully automated, real card dealing system that scrambles, shuffles and deals real decks of cards, digitizes the results and then translates them to its online poker table games. It also contains a unique cut function as well as offering burn cards, features that aren't available on other sites.

Commenting on the survey results creator Gene Gioia said, “These systems were designed five years ago based on my frustrations and doubts I had after playing online poker for more than 8 years. I found it very curious that after covering a span of 13 years of online poker the experiences shared by so many players were so similar that it just makes you think- What the hell is going on!"

"I was determined to find a better solution" added Gioia, "It just has taken a lot longer than I had hoped.  I can now say however, WE DID IT.  We have developed a system I will stand behind 100% as being the best there is, and win or lose, we can show you that it was real.

"I say this with confidence because the only fair game of poker I know is a deck of cards that has been scrambled, shuffled, and cut and then dealt in the order of that deck with no one knowing what that order is.

"It has taken us five years to get here but here we are and I am proud to bring you poker online, instead of online poker, and I look forward to hearing what players think when they have had a chance to play. You will not be disappointed (Win or Lose) with our game and how it plays.”

So confident is Gioia in the probity of his software that he recently offered players odds of 100/1 if his site was on the receiving end of an unfavourable independent audit.

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