Superstar Showdown to resume today at 6pm GMT

Superstar Showdown to resume today at 6pm GMT

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

After the postponement of Sunday’s Superstar Showdown, Isaac Haxton and Viktor Blom will take to the felt as “philivey2694” and “Isildur1” for the remainder of their match at 6pm GMT tonight.

Haxton now lives in Malta, which was battered by storms and record rain over the weekend, killing one person and destroying homes across the island. With that abated and Haxton’s Internet fixed, the match should continue its last 1,800 hands today.

He explained: “I'm really sorry about all this. I know it's ruining the flow of the match for spectators.
“To clarify the weather stuff: There was a really bad storm 2 days ago. My internet was completely down for 2 hours and has been a little unstable ever since.”

With 1,808 hands left to play, Haxton is down a little over $99,000.

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