Super Stylianou is East End champ

Super Stylianou is East End champ

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Satellite qualifier Nik Stylianou had 9,000 good reasons to celebrate at's latest live shinding over the weekend.

A total of 287 players were on hand at Aspers in London for the second incarnation of East End Live including such notables at Team Ivey Poker's James Dempsey, Hendon Mobster Joe Beevers, Sky Poker pundit Jen Mason and not to mention pros Jerome Bradpiece and Richard 'Chufty' Ashby.

None could match Stylianou though pocketed $9,000 after beating Dan Whittaker to the title. The 40-year-old from north London took control of heads up play after ending up on the right side of an extremely chilly cooller. All the chips hit the middle on a 6c-Ad-4h-9d-3h board with both players rivering a straight. Stylianou's 7-5 crushed Whittaker's 5-2 and he didn't look back from there, eventually sealing victory after calling off a Whittaker bluff with third pair.

"I felt confident all the way through the tournament," Stylianou told the Blog. "I play quite aggressive, but so does Dan so I thought he'd cause me the most trouble out of anyone on the final table."

"This was a brilliant event. A great venue and a really well organised tournament. One of the best things was the friendly atmosphere. It had a real community spirit. I was umming and arring about Vegas before, but I think this win has helped me make up my mind."

1st  Nik Stylianou -- $9,000*
2nd  Dan Whittaker -- $8,500
3rd  Jim Parberry -- $5,700
4th  Mark England -- $4,600
5th  Craig Connaughton -- $3,600
6th  Carlo Hassan -- $2,750
7th  George Achillea -- $2,000
8th  Michael Brock -- $1,560
9th  Lee Brooke-Pearce -- $1,200

* Indicates a chop.

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