Super Seidel does it again

Super Seidel does it again

Saturday, 21 May 2011

In the Erik versus Erick battle for the WPT $100k Super High Roller title last night, it was almost inevitably Seidel who triumphed over Lindgren.

The Seiborg held a near two to one chip advantage when play resumed yesterday and it looked like it would be a short day for all concerned when all the chips hit the middle on the third hand of the day. Seidel's flopped flush looked in good shape against Lindgren's two pair but the board paired on the turn to give E-Dog a boat and a slight chip lead.

Lindgren's advantage didn't last long though as Seidel's machine like play powered him into a commanding chip lead. With 90% of the chips in Seidel's corner Lindgren finally took a stand with Jc3h on a Ac4c2c board. He missed his straight and flush draws though leaving Seidel's Ah5h the winner.

The $1,092,000 first prize take Seidel's 2011 earnings to an eye watering $5.4m. God help the rest of the field at the WSOP!

1st: Erik Seidel - $1,092,000
2nd: Erick Lindgren - $700,500
3rd: Daniel Negreanu - $448,320
4th: Vivek Rajkumar - $336,240
5th: Justin Bonomo - $224,160

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