Sun Shines on 32 at the WPT Caribbean

Sun Shines on 32 at the WPT Caribbean

Friday, 22 November 2013

It was all change at the top of the chip chart last night as Day 2 of this year's WPT Caribbean came to a close with just 32 hopefuls nursing at least a single chip. Throughout the session a flurry of action saw the overall lead change hands a number of times as place in Day 3 drew ever closer. Despite her dominant position at the start of the day, Ebony Kenneysuffered a fall from grace midway through the day after a string of lost pots.

However, it wasn't all bad news for Kenney as she managed to fend off negative variance just enough to ensure she made it through day in eighth place with 258,000 chips.

The same couldn't be said for the likes of Fabian Quoss, Tobias Reinkemeier and Will Failla as they join the 60+ players who were consigned to the rail by before the tournament clock was paused.

Leading the way with 408,000 chips and heading into Day 3 with more than enough ammo to surpass the 24 place bubble was Thomas Laviano. The New York native was announced as Day 2's chip leader at the same time the breakdown of this year's prizepool was announced.

Having collected $592,864 from a total of 191 entrants, the top prize was set at $145,000 (this includes a $15,400 seat in next year's WPT World Championship) with the minimum cash pitched at $5,750.

Joining Laviano and Kenney at the felt when things get underway today will be a string of recognisable faces, including: Tony Dunst, Marvin Rettenmaier, Sean Jazayeri and Giacomo Fundaroas the tournament moves one step closer to a conclusion.

$3,500 WPT Caribbean Top Five Chip Counts:
1 - Thomas Laviano 402,000
2 - Jean-Nicolas Fortin 361,500
3 - Christian Stallinger 306,000
4 - Tony Dunst 282,000
5 - Viet Vo 281,000

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