Stupid donkeys! Send them to Oxfam with Cake Poker

Stupid donkeys! Send them to Oxfam with Cake Poker

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

When we say a Christmas promotion here, we’re not just talking about slapping a Santa hat and a candy cane graphic on a $500 deposit bonus. This is one of those genuine, charitable, help-your-fellow-man Christmas things that you don’t hear about too often. And it comes courtesy of online poker network Cake Poker.

The network, hosting such sites as Doyle’s Room and Victory Poker, are allowing players to donate between $5 and $300 to the cause, which will see $100 used to buy a genuine real-life donkey (as in the quadruped, not the flush draw chaser) for Oxfam . This will then be used for... well, general labour in a beleaguered country, we guess? It’ll help people, is the point.

Any players who donate $100 or more to purchase their very own donkey will unfortunately be unable to keep the animal themselves, but they will be mentioned for their kind-heartedness in the Cake Poker blog.
There, don’t we feel all warm and fuzzy? Like a donkey.

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