Stuart Hyson wins Black Belt Poker Live

Stuart Hyson wins Black Belt Poker Live

Monday, 21 November 2011

Neil Channing and co hit Nottingham's Dusk Till Dawn over the weekend for the first Blackbelt Poker Live event outside London. A sell out field of almost 500 runners was on hand including the likes of new PKR pro Jake Cody, UKIPT leader board winner Sam Razavi and Bluff regulars Adam 'Snoopy' Goulding and Nick Wealthall.

None could match Stuart Hyson though, who bagged his first major tournament win and with it a very tidy $15,500 ($14,000 for the win, plus $1,400 for being an Orange belt on and $100 for knocking out Nick Wealthall).

Hyson went into heads up play with Daniel Robertson with a 1.3m to 5.2m chip deficit but an early double up with 66 over AQ put him back in contention. The key hand saw all the chips hit the middle on a 4d3c5s board with Hyson tabling Ac3d and Roberston 6c4c. An Ad on the turn and 5d on the river gave Hyson a huge pot and left Roberston crippled. It was all over soon after when Hyson, holding KQ, hit a king on the river to beat Robertson's A8.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1st Stuart Hyson $15,500
2nd Daniel Robertson $9,000  
3rd Arran Fletcher $6,000  
4th David Buckland $4,000  
5th Byron Brewer $3,000  
6th Nick Wealthall $2,400  
7th Paul Lynch $1,800  
8th Adam Carey $1,300  
9th Kevin Corcoran $1,000

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