Stringfellows to host Baller Strip Poker championship

Stringfellows to host Baller Strip Poker championship

Thursday, 5 August 2010

While this does sound somewhat like an excuse to get drunk, play poker and look at naked women; it is actually a heartfelt effort to raise money for cancer awareness. Honest.

On a serious note, though, you can add another poker event to London’s ever-filling calendar in September as Stringfellows hosts the inaugural Baller Strip Poker Championships on September 21.

The most famous gentleman’s club in the world has teamed up with Bluff Europe to offer one of the most exciting (if you know what we mean) events of the poker year.

For those of us with privacy and modesty issues (our editor has a third nipple he’d rather no one knew about) then worry not – each player is given a Stringfellows girl alongside their chips and a penalty means that she removes an item of clothing. So of course you’ll be wanting to win in order to protect your fair maiden’s modesty.

More information regarding buy-ins, entry fees, charitable donations and women sure to follow – stay tuned!

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