Steven Seagal in Poker Movie

Steven Seagal in Poker Movie

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

It may be trying to jump any every trendy bandwagon possible by featuring poker and MMA, but the latest movie release to pique the interests of the community does have one thing going for it: Steven Seagal.

The legendary actor is one of the main characters in a new poker movie called Gutshot Straight which features "Jack" (played by C.S.I's George Eads) in a battle to pay off his debts playing Texas Hold'em.

Pursued by Segal and Vinnie Jones, Jack soon becomes embroiled in a world of trouble when he accidently kills the mobster-type figure in charge of the local high stakes game.

What follows is the clichéd mix of fight scenes, nude women and some more poker as Jack fights to save his life.

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