Steven Begleiter appears on Bloomberg

Steven Begleiter appears on Bloomberg

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Steven Begleiter recently appeared on American TV news show Bloomberg to talk about the World Series of Poker and his final table finish in early November. Despite the event being incorrectly labelled by the host as a “$10,000,000 buy-in tournament” the show went swimmingly.

Begleiter revealed that he is taking the Cada-Moon middle ground – while champion Joe Cada aims to play online and at live events representing poker as much as possible, Darvin Moon is retiring to his forest home in Maryland to continue his logging job.

“When I made the final table in July, my partners were very good in allowing me to have the time I needed to play a few more tournaments, but now that it’s over, I’m probably back to being a one tournament a year guy,” the former Bear Stearns executive told the show.

““There are definitely some,” Begleiter replied when asked about parallels between poker and his old profession in finances. You need to have an affinity for understanding your probabilities pretty quickly, but really your opponents are telling you stories. You either have to believe them or not. A lot of us in the investment business, we hear a lot of stories. We decide whether we believe them or not and we put our chips to work in one way or another.””

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