Steve Sung on Song in WPT Shooting Star Event

Steve Sung on Song in WPT Shooting Star Event

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A few late stragglers on Day 2 saw this year's WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event top 718 runners by the time the registration desks had closed but after a day of action just 36 of those remained.

After playing deep into the night the players inside the San Jose casino eventually whittled themselves down to just four tables ahead of today's penultimate session.

In amongst the debris of fallen stars and shattered dreams a buoyant Steve Sung was able to build a dominant stack to lead the field at the close of play.

Indeed, the final hand of the day saw Sung hit a set of nines on a Tc 4h 2d 9c 7d board to eliminate Kelsey Hendriks in 37th place ($20,890).

Also failing to make it through the session but able to creep into the money was Jason Koon (65th - $14,430), Joe Hachem (54th - $18,400) and Andrew Lichtenberger (52nd - $18,400).

When player resume later today the remaining 36 players will play down to a final table of six and move one step closer to the $1,256,550 top prize.

WPT Bay 101 Top Chip Counts:
Steve Sung - 1,812,000
Bryce Yockey - 1,191,000
Larry Odegard - 1,051,000
Mukul Pahuja - 908,000
Brian Park - 884,000
Nicky Nikan - 861,000
Lucas Ke - 858,000
Justin Young - 854,000
David Randall - 851,000
Candace Collins - 842,000

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