Stars Shine at GUKPT Blackpool

Stars Shine at GUKPT Blackpool

Friday, 8 November 2013

GUKPT Blackpool is always a well-attended festival and this year it seems that tradition has been upheld. The site of Jake Cody's first live tournament back in 2008, the Main Event continued to attract a host of top talent yesterday as players from across the country anted-up their £1,000 buy-ins.

Indeed, as well as Jake Cody making a return to the Blackpool's felt, the likes of Karl Mahrenholz, Simon Deadman and Paul Jackson were all on display in the early offing.

Being a re-entry format the eliminations didn't take long to start and one of the first players sent towards the cashiers' desk was Team IveyPoker member John Eames. The British pro was unable to catch a slice of luck when his pocket queens ran into Richard Kellett's pocket kings. However, with more funds available he soon rejoined the action and by the close of play he was 28 survivors looking forward to Day 2.

In total the opening session attracted 71 total entries, but with another Day 1 set to take place today that figure is expected to increase dramatically.

GUKPT Blackpool Day 1A Top Five Chip Counts:
1st - Richard Pearson 100,150
2nd - John Haigh 92,625
3rd - Syed Zaidi 81,300
4th - John Hall 73,425
5th - Les Kearney 71,625

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