Sorel Mizzi's Crazy Prop Bet

Sorel Mizzi's Crazy Prop Bet

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sorel Mizzi has been busy grinding the SCOOP from his base in Brazil these past few weeks but true baller that he is, the Canadian has found time to set up an insane sounding prop bet.

This year's Aussie Millions runner-up has been offered odds of 3/1 that he can swim from Ipanema Beach to an island some 5km away.

5km in the municipal pool may be a relative doddle but doing that distance in open water is another matter entirely and one filled with potential peril. Especially for someone who 'hasn't swam in a while and is a bit out of shape'.

The Twitterverse was quick to wade into the merits of the expedition with one Rio native warning, 'man, May is like the worst month in Rio for you to do that challenge... be careful. The sea can change quickly.'

Mizzi did confirm that he will be accompanied by a support boat but that if he touches it he will lose the bet.

The swim is set to take place some time this week.

Good luck Sorel, we hope that you won't need it.

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