Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi allowed to play on Full Tilt Poker again

Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi allowed to play on Full Tilt Poker again

Friday, 18 February 2011

Imper1um is a name that regular multi-table tournament grinders at Full Tilt Poker haven’t had to worry about for a while; not since the Canadian pro behind the name, Sorel Mizzi, was banned in 2007 for taking over Chris Vaughn’s account deep in the $1m guarantee and going on to win.

However, Mizzi was spotted at the tables last night meaning that apparently his ban of three years is up. He apparently “won a ton in prop bets” on whether or not he could make a big score on his first day back and wound up making a deep run in the FTOPS $330 rebuy finishing in 24th place.

Mizzi and Chris Vaughn, who played under the incriminating screenname of BluffMagCV (no association, honest) were both banned from Full Tilt Poker after BluffMagCV won the $1,000,000 guaranteed late in 2007. It was later revealed that Mizzi had bought Vaughn’s account with three tables remaining in the tournament and gone on to win playing as Vaughn.

Since his ban, Mizzi has continued to win big money on sites besides Full Tilt (he is a sponsored pro with Titan Poker) and has also had an incredible run in live tournaments; in 2010 he made $1.9m in live events and recently completed back-to-back final tables (kind of, he was at the pre-final table final table this year) in the Aussie Millions.

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