Software Changes Hit partypoker

Software Changes Hit partypoker

Thursday, 15 October 2015

partypoker recently announced a raft of changes to its platform as part of its Poker For The People campaign and two of these have now come into effect.

The beginning of the month saw partypoker reveal that it would be making the changes in order to level the playing field and make its platform more interesting to players of all skill levels. One of these changes now sees cash game competitors automatically seated at random, which should eliminate more experienced players from targeting weaker opposition.

Although some in the community were not in favour of the proposals, partypoker has remained steadfast and from today real-money players will additionally be able to see the names of their opposition only after the first hand has been dealt.

“Since we announced our plans to restrict the use of third-party tools on our software, we have been delighted by the response of the poker community,” said Golan Shaked, Games Director for partypoker parent digital entertainment.

“Today we are pleased to be introducing the first of those changes, which will level the playing field for all players.”

The coming weeks will see partypoker roll out even more changes including an update that will restrict the ability of players to track data, which is set to increasingly change the ways in which cash game competitors interact.

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