Slim in Sports Illustrated

Slim in Sports Illustrated

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 saw many things in poker and one of them was the passing of one of the game’s most colourful characters: Amarillo Slim.

The Texan poker legend had somewhat of a chequered personal life, but when it came to gambling and poker he was one of the most entertaining people around.

Known for his trademark Stetson and way with words, Slim probably made more from prop bets than he did at the poker table.

Indeed, such was his reputation that he has been recognised in Sports Illustrated’s 2012 “in memoriam” list.

While some notable sports personalities, such as NFL star Junior Seau, received only passing mentions, Slim commanded a page’s worth of commentary.
Such a piece is not only a touching gesture to Slim’s memory, but a good advert for the game of poker.

Being a respected publication in America, Sports Illustrated’s piece should help further enhance poker’s reputation as a sport in America and possibly attract more support for the game.

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