Skidmore Topples the Goliath

Skidmore Topples the Goliath

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It broke records and yesterday the GUKPT Goliath also broke a few hearts as the final table saw eight players fall just short of the title and one soar to a memorable victory.

Having whittled the bumper field down to just a handful of players, Monday’s finale saw two eliminations in almost as many hands after Dan Arbon and Kevin Stevens hit the rail.

Arbon was the first to go when his As Kd was unable to find a way past Dan Cullen’s pocket queens on a Qs 6d Jd 4h 3s board.

Just a few hands after Arbon’s ace king fell short it would prove a bogey hand once again, this time for Stevens as he moved all-in against Robert Trueman’s pocket tens. An unhelpful board sent Stevens and his Ac Kd to the cashiers’ desk in eighth place to collect a stack of cash worth £3,200.

In a reversal of fortune it was Trueman who was the next to fall courtesy of a mistimed bluff with 9h 4c.

Despite displaying a show of strength pre-flop by 3-betting all-in over Jiri Sladkovsky’s raise, Trueman was left blushing as the Qd Ac 5d 5c 3c board gave his opponent’s Ad Tc enough leverage to oust him from the tournament area.

A slew if eliminations followed Trueman’s exit and by the time the twilight hours had taken hold it was Sladkovsky and Jake Skidmore left with just one more battle to fight.

Despite scrapping for seven days the final two looked just as fresh as when they first sat down, unfortunately for Sladkovsky his stack wasn’t looking so positive. Having faltered in the final stages he found himself at a distinct disadvantage and by the time the action got under way he was left looking for any above average hand to gamble with.

That opportunity came when he looked down at Kd Qd. After a raising war pre-flop the Czech grinder eventually got all his chips into the middle and almost breathed a sigh of relief as the flop ran out: Qc 2h Jd.

At this point he was well ahead of Skidmore’s Ad Td and it stayed that way as the 3c fell on the turn. However, in a cruel twist the Ks on the river eventually sent the pot, the title and £56,540 to the latest GUKPT Champion, Jake Skidmore.

£100+£20 GUKPT Goliath Final Result:
1st Jake Skidmore - £56,540
2nd Jiri Sladkovsky - £31,000
3rd Daniel Cullen - £19,000
4th Steven Winstanley - £11,000
5th Luke Vincecombe - £8,000
6th Nishid Pnadipleuman - £6,100
7th Robert Trueman - £4,800
8th Kevin Steven - £3,200
9th Dan Arbon - £2,400

Image courtesy of the GUKPT.

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