Six Illinois poker players sued for online winnings

Six Illinois poker players sued for online winnings

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A new lawsuit revolving around poker has cropped up among our sue-happy friends across the Atlantic.

Scott Crespo, a Florida resident, is able to sue for losses at the poker table under Florida state law: “If within six months, such person [who] is entitled to initiate action to recover his losses does not in fact pursue his remedy, any person may initiate a civil action against the winner.”

Six online players, including PokerStars Caribbean Adventure runner-up Tyler Reiman, are being targeted particularly for their use of the PokerHaus, a building in Illinois where the six players played poker but where Crespo alleges that they “actively recruited other individuals to participate in illegal gambling activity” and “committed acts of collusion” during online poker.

Crespo has singled out almost 700 tournament cashes online between the six players on major US sites. He is seeking triple the amount lost to the group – presumably his tournament buy-ins in the same events – plus court costs.

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