Singer Plays Strip Poker in Music Vid

Singer Plays Strip Poker in Music Vid

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Poker always seems to have a knack of finding its way into the mainstream media and the latest showing for the game involves US singer Eleni Mandell and a game of strip poker.

Using poker as a vehicle to sell herself (and her music), Mandell can be seen swapping bets and clothes with a moustachioed man in her black and white music video for Some to Love Like You.

Although shot in the best possible taste, the implications are clear for all to see (sex sells), but whether or not Mandell has the upper hand or not remains unclear as neither has very many clothes left on by the end of the video.

Unlike some hip hop artists that have previously used Texas Hold'em to add some colour to their videos, Mandell has chosen to use the more sedate game of five card draw (or possibly stud) to add some visual context to her love song.

Who wins in the end? Well Mandell ends up with a royal flush (of hearts obviously because it's a love song); however, the game is brought to an abrupt end when she throws the cards and chips on the floor in a Hellmuth-style tantrum so we may never know.

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