Simon Morris wins Aussie Millions Limit Hold ‘em

Simon Morris wins Aussie Millions Limit Hold ‘em

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The third event of the Aussie Millions 2010 tournament series, a $1,100 Limit Hold ‘em tournament, drew just 90 competitors but it was enough to dish out a $25,650 first prize to winner Simon Morris.

Morris, in his own words, “ran well” to triumph over the field in what many people consider to be a rather boring game. Of course, if you come back from a chip deficit heads-up to claim the title, championship ring and $25k then we can see the appeal.

The last hand saw four bets put in pre-flop, with Morris raising KJo and his opponent, Steve Krmpotic – thank goodness we only have to write and not pronounce that – calling with A9s. A jack-high flop saw the tournament ended.
Krmpotic can console himself with an $18,000 AUD prize. The full list of final table placings and prizes is as follows:

1. Simon Morris - $25,650 AUD
2. Steve Krmpotic - $18,000 AUD
3. Jan Suchanek - $12,600 AUD
4. David Steicke - $9,000 AUD
5. Jim Sachinidis - $7,650 AUD
6. Amit Sheth - $6,300 AUD
7. Kerry Stead - $4,950 AUD
8. Josh Wilson - $3,600 AUD
9. Ciaran Carter - $2,250 AUD

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