Silence is Golden for Jaka

Silence is Golden for Jaka

Friday, 11 January 2013

Faraz Jaka is probably better known for his accomplishments at the poker table than his way with words. Indeed, having claimed the WPT Player of the Year title in 2010 as well as multiple online wins, the American pro generally likes to let his actions do the talking.

Although he doesn’t have vocal prowess of Mike Matusow or Tony G, Faraz has decided to embark on a 10 day bout of silence. In a recent tweet the affable pro announced that he has decided to spend 10 days at a monastery where he will live alongside a group of Buddhist monks.

Whilst on the island just off the coast of Thailand, Jaka will search for inner peace and enlightenment meant by not speaking for 10 days.
Although is sounds like a typical prop bet that a poker player would make, the exercise is simply to achieve some sort of spirituality.

After reading the news, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier was the first to show his approval, writing: “@FarazJaka wow crazy but love the idea! Please let me know how it was when you can speak again! Life is all about experiences for me #sosick.”

Who knows, maybe “ElkY” will join Faraz and start a trend amongst the world’s top players looking for self improvement.

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