Shocking behaviour at The Bike

Shocking behaviour at The Bike

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Thankfully, bad behaviour at the poker table is the exception rather than the rule. Sure there are gobby players, drunks and the very occasional cheat but it's really quite rare to find someone who plumbs the depths of bad manners.

Mesbah Khaffaji was playing at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles and took umbrage at losing a hand. Rather than grumbling to himself, counting to ten and sitting out a hand or two the 52-year-old decided to throw his cards down on the table, stand up and spit a mouthful of food at the poor dealer.

Khaffaji was apprehended by casino security and subsequently arrested by local police on suspicion of misdemeanor battery before being released after posting bail of $20,000.

Bell Gardens Police Department sergeant Brendan Kirkpatrick told The Los Angeles Times, “People get heated. Large sums of money lost, people can't control their emotions.” Indeed they do but that's no excuse for action like a complete fool.

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