Sex Education – Poker Style

Sex Education – Poker Style

Monday, 4 March 2013

An American university has found a novel way to try and improve the sexual health of its students – a sex themed casino.

The The Condom Casino Tour hosted by Central Michigan University’s Program Board offered a selection of ten sex-themed casino games including 5 Card Foreplay, STD Bingo, Cheaters Never Win and Texas Cond'em with condoms used in place of chips.

“We’ve had a lot of girls win over 15 condoms,” PR Chairperson Nicole Murawski told Central Michigan Life. “They’ve been doing well.”

The event, which was part of the University's Sex Education week hoped to raise awareness about how to prevent sexually risky situations, the potential dangers posed by STIs and how alcohol can impair the decision-making process.

The Condom Casino Tour includes custom themed casino tables, educational pamphlets and 1,000 name brand condoms. “It is fun, it is fast paced, it is full of surprises and it is certainly a safe bet to sex awareness on any campus!” read a statement on the tour's website.

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