Severe teething troubles for British Columbia’s new online casino

Severe teething troubles for British Columbia’s new online casino

Thursday, 22 July 2010

“A safe, secure and regulated site” for online gambling sounds like a great idea – it was a great idea. British Columbia, Canada, released PlayNow for players to compete at but just a few hours after launch, the site was taken down.

At the time and for days after, PlayNow insisted that the crash was due to overwhelming demand. However, it has recently emerged that a horrific lapse in security was the reason for the shutdown – data crossover.

Data crossover is a glitch that, when it occurs, transfers one player into the account of another. This allows the player to access another’s sensitive personal and financial details as well as, of course, play with their money. This happened to hundreds of players.

"Upon learning of this situation, BCLC took immediate action to shut down PlayNow," a press release stated. Contrarily, vice-president of the company Kevin Gass told a Vancouver newspaper that "it was tremendous customer response -- that's the good news".

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