Server Issues Cause Problems at Stars

Server Issues Cause Problems at Stars

Monday, 13 April 2015

A massive server outage for PokerStars over the weekend plunged a large section of the poker community into darkness as games were cancelled and buy-ins refunded.

Although server issues are never usually anything worth writing about, the one currently affecting the world's largest poker site is one that has affected thousands of players recently. Starting on Friday evening, the glitch initially caused major lag and time out issues for players before PokerStars' tech team eventually forced a server restart.

In a message to the community, Lee Jones explained the move had been successful and that games were back to normal.

"Seems @PokerStars connection issue is resolved. If you had updater/connection issues, please try again. Thanks for your patience," tweeted Jones.

However, the problems soon resurfaced and since the initial slow down in action the games haven't been restored to their full capacity. Various messages on Sunday alerted players to further technical issues and shuttered games as the experts tried desperately to correct the faults with minimal disruption.

The latest message regarding the server problems came in the early hours of Sunday morning when a PokerStars rep announced that a full schedule of MTTs would be available but the team were still working on some issues.

Unfortunately, the initial problems appear to have had a knock on effect as many players continued to report problems throughout the day on Sunday. With many grinders using Sunday as their main day of action the main forums became a sounding board with some players speculating the issue may be the result of a DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attack.

As of today the issues appear to be sorted and PokerStars is operating at full speed for the majority of users.

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