Seeing Double at the WSOP

Seeing Double at the WSOP

Friday, 20 June 2014

A duplicate card appearing on the same board isn't beyond the realm of possibilities in a pub game but at the World Series of Poker?

According to a photo tweeted by Christopher Ruby, that is exactly what happened during the $1500 PLO event. Ruby thought that he'd been on the wrong end of a pretty brutal suck out when his opponent rivered quad queens to crush his trip aces. Unlucky enough in fact to warrant taking a pic of the hand that effectively sent him to the rail.

It was only the following morning that he looked more closely at the picture and noticed that the board featured not one but two queen of hearts!

The WSOP has said that as nobody pointed the anomaly out at the time, 'nothing can be done' about it.

It's possible that the image has been doctored but it looks pretty convincing to our untrained eye.

In an interview with PokerNews, an understandably disappointed Ruby said that he 'might boycott' the remainder of this year's WSOP.

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