Sean Jazayeri wins World Poker Tour LA Poker Classic

Sean Jazayeri wins World Poker Tour LA Poker Classic

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The $10,000 WPT LA Poker Classic has concluded and despite a final table full of pro tournament players, it was the self-confessed amateur who took down the trophy. Sean Jazayeri is our latest WPT champion.

Jazayeri came to the WPT boot camp to improve his game but found a spot in the tournament and rode it all the way to a seven-figure victory. Arriving at the final table with the least experience but the most chips, he used them well on his way to the win.

He busted Jason Somerville on the second hand, winning a coinflip, before eliminating Noah Schwartz in fourth place also. David Sands was on a tear, however, and eliminated Dan Kelly to go heads-up with a slight chip lead.

Jazayeri needed some luck to defeat Sands heads-up, and he got it by winning a huge pot with AK versus QQ. The next hand, Jazayeri got his money in with A5 versus KQ and despite falling behind on the K-T-5 flop, a 5 on the river sealed the tournament.

The final table payouts were as follows:
1. Sean Jazayeri - $1,370,240
2. David Sands - $806,370
3. Dan Kelly - $521,770
4. Noah Schwartz - $355,750
5. Jason Burt - $252,980
6. Jason Somerville - $202,910

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