Scheinberg Makes Rich List

Scheinberg Makes Rich List

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mark Scheinberg, the son of Isai and the co-founder of PokerStars, has just been named as one of the 15 richest people in Canada.

The Israeli-Canadian businessman made the bulk of his wealth after the company he started with his father was sold to Amaya last year for $4.9 billion. With a reported 75% stake in the company plus other assets, Scheinberg is estimated to be worth around $4.1 billion according to Forbes 500 Richest People in the World for 2015.

That impressive bankroll puts the 41-year-old at position #10 on the Canadian rich list and the 405th wealthiest billionaire in the world. Like many of the billionaires on the list, Scheinberg never finished college and according to Forbes' "self-made score" (a scale from 1-10 of how the person got their cash, with 10 being completely self-made) the poker impresario is an 8.

At the other end of the poker respect spectrum is Sheldon Adelson. The Las Vegas Sands owner may have dropped down the rankings in recent months but he's still among the richest men in the world with a net worth of $31.4 billion. That stash cash put him at number#18 on the global list but still some way behind the richest made in the world for 2015, Bill Gates, who has a $79.2 billion fortune.

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