Sbrissa wins LAPT Brazil main event

Sbrissa wins LAPT Brazil main event

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

After welcoming some 750 players to the felt between April 26 and 27, the main event competition for the PokerStars Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Brazil finally came to a conclusion yesterday with Victor Sbrissa taking the title.

With a raucous crowd watching from the rails in Sao Paulo and two PokerStars South American pros, Leo Fernandez and Andre Akkari, in contention, the atmosphere was certainly lively as the first cards were dealt for the $4,000 buy-in event.

Indeed, it was PokerStars’ Fernandez who had the highest expectations coming into the final as he held a commanding chip lead over his rivals. However, those hopes were soon dashed after he doubled up two of his rivals before hitting the rail in seventh place.

With Fernandez gone it looked as though Akkari might walk away with title but when the cards had fallen his pocket fours were unable to overcome the pocket tens of Rafael Pardo.

Akkari’s exit gave Sbrissa a clear run at the title and after a brief battle with Daniel Murta heads-up he soon dispatched his rival with his Qs-4s catching the top pair on a Jh-Qc-6c flop against Murta’s As-Jd. A blank turn and river for Murta brought the tournament to an end as a crowd of supporters rushed to congratulate Sbrissa.

Main event results for PokerStars LAPT Brazil:

1 Victor Sbrissa $255,400

2 Daniel Murta $166,684

3 Rafael Pardo $115,481

4 Leonardo Brescia $85,338

5 Andre Akkari $64,335

6 Marcos Paulo Ximenes $47,266

7 Leo Fernandez $34,140

8 Thiago Grigoletti $26,254

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