Sands Wins Tense $100K WPT Showdown

Sands Wins Tense $100K WPT Showdown

Friday, 24 May 2013

Jim Courtney and Joseph Cheong might have started the WPT World Championship’s Super High Roller in charge but after a series of twists and turns it was David Sands who eventually claimed the title.

After an evening of rest the final six players in the event reconvened at 16:00 local time to begin the final race towards the $1,023,750.

With only three places being paid the dynamics of the final table were unlike those usually seen on the WPT as each player knew they were walking a fine line between the bubble and a bankroll boost.

Indeed, in the early rounds the pressure was palpable as no one was willing to relinquish their chips without a fight.

However, as the blinds took their toll and the action became more fluid it was Andrew Robl who eventually bowed out first.

After moving all-in for just under ten big blinds with Kc Qc, Robl found himself in need of a miracle when Jim Courtney called with pocket kings.

A Th 9s 4s 8h 6c board quickly brought an end to Robl’s tournament and sent him to the rail without any return on his $100,000 investment.

With Robl out Steven Silverman and Jim Courtney hit the rail before Daniel Perper picked up the first payout of $409,500.

Heads-up it was David Sands with a 3:1 chip lead over Joseph Cheong and after a brief moment of reflection the action began in earnest.

In contrast to the length of the final table, the heads-up finale was over relatively quickly as Sands used his chip lead to gradually wear Cheong down.

The final pot went Sands’ way after Cheong moved all-in with As 3d and he was able to call with Ah 8d. As the board ran out Qs 5d 2s Ad 9s, Sands scooped the remainder of Cheong’s chips and the $1,023,750 top prize.

WPT $100,000 Super High Roller Final Result:
1st: David Sands - $1,023,750
2nd: Joseph Cheong - $614,250
3rd: Daniel Perper - $409,500
4th: Jim Courtney - $0
5th: Steven Silverman - $0
6th: Andrew Robl - $0

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