Sam Razavi wins APPT Melbourne

Sam Razavi wins APPT Melbourne

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

We've become accustomed to toasting British success down under in recent years and so it has proved again after Brighton's Sam Razavi took the PokerStars APPT Melbourne Main Event.

The BlackBelt Poker pro almost didn't make the tournament, as his flight to Melbourne was originally overbooked. The former actor wasn't going to be able to fly until bagging a cancellation seat minutes before take off. From that moment onwards Razavi said he had a "good feeling" about the tournament and so it proved.

After start of day chip leader Tom Grigg was eliminated in third it was left to Keith Walker to try and derail Razavi express. The heads up battle lasted just 10 minutes though. The final hand of the tournament was one of those standard pre-flop confrontations - Razavi opened, then immediately called Keith Walker's all-in. Razavi's K,10s was trailing to Walker's JJ, but he found some help on the flop in the form of a flush draw, and then hit it on the turn to leave Walker drawing dead and the title his.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:
1 Sam Razavi             $326,125
2 Keith Walker           $205,345
3 Tom Grigg              $114,750
4 Wayne Bentley          $87,575
5 Gary Benson            $72,475
6 James Bills            $57,375
7 Kristian Lunardi       $45,300
8 Nigel Andrews          $36,240
9 Brendon Rubie          $27,175

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