Salter Striding Towards EPT Title

Salter Striding Towards EPT Title

Friday, 2 May 2014

In Monte Carlo, Day 5 of the €10,600 ($14,702) buy-in Grand Final main event of Season 10 from the European Poker Tour (EPT) saw a flurry of eliminations with just eight players now remaining for today’s final session.

Among the early casualties was a Russian duo consisting of Nikita Nikolaev and Ivan Soshnikov along with Mark Teltscher.

There was also the unfortunate Martins Seilis, who went out after finding himself all-in on the final table bubble against Jack Salter (pictured above). After looking down at As Qh, Seilis decided to three-bet over the top of a 100,000 raise from Sebastian Von Toperczer with the action soon folding to Salter after he moved all-in with Ac Jc, which prompted a fold from Von Toperczer and a call from Seilis. As the flop rolled out 3c Kd 4c, Seilis was given something to sweat about and by the time the 4h and Kc had fallen on the river it had dawned on him that his place at the final table had disappeared. With that the final Grand Final table set, Seilis was set to the cashiers’ desk to collect his €83,200 ($115,323) consolation prize.

EPT Grand Final Day 5 Chip Leaders:

1. Jack Salter – 5,170,000

2. Mayu Roca – 4,625,000

3. Magnus Karlsson – 2,595,000

4. Antonio Buonanno – 2,065,000

5. Kenny Hicks – 1,875,000

6. Sebastian Von Toperczer – 1,240,000

7. Malte Moennig – 1,150,000

8. Sebastian Bredthauer – 755,000

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