SWAT Team Busts US Cash Game

SWAT Team Busts US Cash Game

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The perils of playing poker in the USA have once again become apparent after a SWAT team raided a high stakes cash game in Virginia.

According to a report from the Washington Post, cops brandishing assault rifles made eight arrests and seized $150,000 in cash at the home game in Great Falls.

The game reportedly featured a buy-in of $20,000 and attracted at least two professional players. It appears that the high stakes, alongside the small cut to pay for dealers and assistants piqued the interest of the authorities and made the game illegal in eyes of local law enforcement.

The response of the police appears to have been extremely heavy-handed with one of the players, who wished to remain anonymous, telling the paper that “They could’ve sent a retired detective with a clipboard and gotten the same result.”

Prosecutors agreed a deal with the players that would see the gambling charges dismissed as long as they stayed out of trouble with the law for six months. Police returned 60% of the cash seized but kept hold of the remainder.

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