SCOOP champion Terrence Chan denied entry to USA

SCOOP champion Terrence Chan denied entry to USA

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Terrence Chan is known as one of the best Limit Hold ‘em players in the world – he amazed the online poker world last year at the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker when he won the medium buy-in and high buy-in Limit Hold ‘em events at the same time and has accrued almost a million dollars in tournament earnings including a WSOP final table and an APPT title in 2007.

As well as being a ju-jitsu expert and one of Limit Hold ‘ems most feared professionals, Chan is also apparently a security risk – at least, that’s the only reason we can think of as to why US Customs and Immigration turned him away from the border despite the fact that he has competed in the past four WSOP tournaments.

“I've got no anger now, just disappointment and sadness. This isn't a knee-jerk reaction of anger. This is me saying that I cannot in good conscience support this country with my tourism dollars,” said Chan on his LiveJournal. “As I was driving back I wonder how this decision and this day will ultimately affect my life. I do know people -- including American citizens -- who have sworn not to go to the United States, for various but similar reasons. I know two who even relinquished their passport.

“They've gone decades without going to the U.S., and they seem to do just fine. From Hong Kong or Vancouver, I don't really even need to transit through the United States except possibly to Latin America, but even then I can often transit through Toronto.

“Goodbye, America. It's been fun, and I'm sad it had to come to this, but we're through. It's not me -- it's you.”

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