Rybin Continues to Dominate WPT Cyprus

Rybin Continues to Dominate WPT Cyprus

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Russia’s Alexey Rybin maintained his dominant chip stack in the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic yesterday as the field dropped from 31 to just 14.

Having started the day with over 850,000 chips, Rybin continued to enjoy a rush of positive variance on Day 3 and by the time the session was brought to a close he’d managed to scoop 1,736,000 chips.

That haul was enough to put him ahead of Kayhan Tugrul (1,200,000) and Sergey Rybachenko (1,006,000), as well as a sea of fallen grinders who didn’t survive the day.

Indeed, amongst those not making it into Day 4 was rising German star Manig Loeser. Despite being one of most experienced players left in the final few, Loeser eventually hit the rail in 23rd place after his Ah Qh was unable to beat Asaf Avci’s Kd Th.

Joining Loeser on the rail were a number of similarly dejected grinders but in a bid to help ease the pain of those who fell short of the $250,000 to prize an epic players party took place last night.

Presided over by the Mizrachi crew on the decks, the party saw some of the game’s finest enjoying more than a few drinks in a lavish poolside venue.

Today’s penultimate session will kick off later when the field will be cut to a final table of six players.

The chip leaders are as follows:
1 Alexey Rybin 1,736,000
2 Kayhan Tugrul 1,200,000
3 Sergey Rybachenko 1,006,000
4 Andrei Nikonov 959,000
5 Bernard Samaha 741,000
6 Maximilian Droege 618,000

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